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We have the pleasure of inviting HR Directors and Managers to our upcoming VIP HR Knowledge Circle meeting with Randstad: Empower people at the heart of your business. New trends in employee recruitment and management.

Change in the world of work is accelerating. Ever since the pandemic, a host of emerging and existing trends have converged rapidly to shift the way work is viewed and performed. Job flexibility, a growing skills gap, a workforce that spans generations, and now the growth of generative and other forms of AI are reshaping organizations, markets, and economies. 

At Randstad, we've been tracking the profound impact of these critical trends on employment for nearly a decade. We've invited HR leaders from over 30 global markets, including Poland, to participate in our Talent Trends survey. In our upcoming VIP HR Knowledge Circle, we'll not only unveil the findings of our research but also offer actionable insights for navigating these challenges effectively within the Polish business landscape.

We aim to engage meeting attendees in discussions about a novel approach to talent strategies that goes beyond traditional competence-based models. Our focus encompasses innate potential, cross-functional skills, individual aspirations, and motivations. Essential to implementing this strategy, both within the labor market and organizational framework, is effectively using artificial intelligence – an aspect we intend to delve into during our session. Additionally, at the core of this innovative approach is fostering a generative organizational culture, underpinned by investments in talent experience and a commitment to diversity.

Date: 12 June 2024, 9:30-11:00 AM
Venue: Randstad Polska, Eurocentrum Office Complex, Al. Jerozolimskie 134, Beta Entrance, 2nd floor

The meeting is dedicated to HR directors and managers, who are keen to deliberate on the latest trends and gain insights from experienced specialists in the field. The event provides an opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals and exchange ideas on current HR practices.


Mateusz Żydek, Labor Market Expert, Randstad Research Institute

Mateusz Żydek is a specialist in corporate communications and the Polish job market, with a tenure at Randstad Polska, the largest HR firm in Poland, since 2016. He holds a degree in sociology from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.
His primary areas of expertise lie in data analysis concerning the actions of both employees and employers in the job market, as well as the role of social communication in macroeconomics, business operations, and employee perception. For many years, he has specialized in marketing communication through modern channels such as instant messengers, streaming services, social media platforms, and mobile applications, applying these methods in community marketing initiatives. He leads projects in personal and employer branding and is responsible for media communication at Randstad, supporting team members in building personal brands online, particularly in business communication on LinkedIn. He has been producing detailed analyses of the Polish and global job markets for many years, conducted within the Randstad Research Institute (research cycles "Employer Plans" and "Labor Market Monitor").

Beata Wolska, HR Consultancy Expert, Randstad Polska

Beata Wolska has nearly 15 years of experience in HR, career counseling, and personnel management. Her responsibilities include designing, preparing, coordinating, and implementing various initiatives for clients, such as Employer Branding strategies, individual and group outplacement programs, competency assessment and management, psychometric tests, Assessment Centre/Development Centre, career and personnel counseling, individual and group coaching, developmental workshops, and soft skills training in HR. As a research scientist she also cooperated with Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, where she lectured on human resource management, career planning, vocational guidance, career and personnel counseling, training design and implementation, entrepreneurship, labor theory and methods of its research, and organizational theory and management.

Beata Wolska has conducted research on human resource management in contemporary organizations, student awareness in preparation for the role of employee, and implemented educational projects preparing junior high and high school students for the 21st-century job market and lifelong learning.

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VIP HR Knowledge Circle

  • Date 12 June 2024
  • Time 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Netherlands Polish Chamber of Commerce (NPCC)