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Ahoy! We are an international human resources company. We specialize in providing 360° recruitment services for companies that, while based in Poland, target the Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, German and Dutch markets.

With 360° recruitment, we take care of not only the client, but also the potential employee. We source interested candidates on the one hand, and job offers and matches on the other, building relationships with both sides of the process. Our operation can be compared to a broker whose job is to find the best match between companies and candidates.

Each candidate also gets the support of a Community Manager, who helps them with paperwork (offices, banks, finding and renting an apartment, etc.) and other needs. The Community Manager’s job is also to put new employees in touch with other representatives of the nationality in question on the spot, so that they feel as comfortable as possible in Poland.

We bill for results, which means that we get paid not for the search, the number of resumes delivered, or the number of candidates who attended an interview, but only for hiring the candidate we propose. We also provide a 3-month guarantee on the outcome of the recruitment, which means that if one of the parties terminates the contract during this time, we provide a replacement free of charge.

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