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Grupa Oryx

Experience-Based Knowledge

We are a group of experienced senior managers and business practitioners with expertise in finance, operations, HR, logistics, and business development.

We founded our company with the intention of sharing the knowledge we’ve gained in corporate positions, supporting large organisations, as well as making a real impact on the development of the small and medium-sized business sector.

We have the ability to swiftly and precisely diagnose business issues, offer optimal solutions, and hands-on support with their implementation.

Our effectiveness, highly appreciated by clients, is built upon close collaboration with business owners, management teams, and supervisory boards.

We operate within a flexible model that combines the best attributes of full-time employment and external consultancy.


Our offer

Our External Director service offers seasoned professionals in key roles such as Finance, HR, Operations, and more.

Our Interim Experts service provides senior-level professionals, including Chief Accountants, Senior Accountants, and HR managers and specialists.

Our Business Advisory service includes comprehensive company assessments conducted before engaging with our External Director service.


How we can work together

According to our clients’ needs, we provide two forms of collaboration: continuous engagement ranging from 1 to 20 working days per month and project-based cooperation tailored to the specific requirements of each project.

There is also the possibility of combining both forms, ensuring ongoing collaboration with the option to allocate additional team members temporarily for concurrent project execution.