Ignaszak Law Company B.V. combines close economic cooperation on the Polish and Dutch markets, in every area of its clients’ business activities. It provides legal services to Polish and Dutch companies, including financial optimization and support in resolving potential conflicts between legal and commercial aspects when implementing business investments.

Commercial Construction and Real Estate Law

Our firm supports entities operating within the development industry and the commercial real estate market, especially on the Polish and Dutch markets.

We offer comprehensive legal services for construction investments, including administrative procedures such as preparing for a land purchase and initiating an investment, as well as finishing and commercializing newly built facilities. We also act on behalf of our clients in title searches and transaction terms and implementation contract negotiations. Our support covers not only general contractor or subcontractor agreements, but also design agreements, surveying agreements, etc. While providing investment advice, we use our extensive analysis of the market situation and planned legislative changes. Clients working with us receive full ongoing risk assessment and contingency planning support.

International Business

We offer comprehensive assistance to businesses seeking to establish new operations and branches outside of Poland. In addition to evaluating the legal status of our clients’ transactions, our firm provides due diligence analyses to assess the risks involved in those transactions. We cater both to large multinational corporations and medium-sized enterprises aiming for expansion. We engage in negotiating cooperation agreements between construction, energy, industrial and logistics entities. We also provide guidance to foreign organizations looking to introduce new products and services in Poland, ensuring their alignment with Polish legal regulations by adapting their business models accordingly.

FIDIC and Infrastructural Projects

For many years, we have been assisting construction industry entities at every stage of infrastructure investment implementation. Our support focuses on public and private contracts based on the FIDIC (Federation Internationale des Ingenieurs-Conseils) General Conditions of Contract prepared by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers and the World Bank. We serve entities at all implementation stages, including service providers and suppliers. Whether you’re working on a project as an investor, contractor or subcontractor, we will fully support you throughout the investment process. Our firm advises clients in defining contractual terms, including at the negotiation and implementation stages, as well as handling contractual claims, arbitration and court proceedings in complex disputes that may arise during the construction process.


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