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Sancus Crowdfunding is an online platform that connects companies in need of funds to grow their business with people who can lend them money, in exchange for a specified return The Sancus platform was created to give small and medium-sized enterprises a chance to grow with money coming not from indifferent banks or lending companies, but from people who believe in their success.
The traditional financial system does not provide small and medium-sized companies with the money they need to grow. It is too conservative and very often favors large players over smaller yet successful entrepreneurs. The pandemic crisis and related economic changes managed to make it even more unfavorable for SMEs. There is a growing group of companies that are too small to pass through the bank credit sieve, making it increasingly difficult for them to grow and compete with large companies.

On the other hand, banks today are not interested in multiplying the savings of individual customers. As a result, their money is being eaten up by inflation. In search of profits, Poles massively invest in real estate, capital markets, or alternative assets, such as cryptocurrencies. Capital is frozen for many years or is exposed to risk in a volatile market. This is where our implementation of crowdlending comes in.


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