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Tecnotion is the global authority on direct drive motor technology. As a former part of Philips, we are the world’s only unbundled manufacturer of linear and torque motors. We specialize solely in the development and production of direct drive motors, which allows us to provide expertise, customer service and product quality that are unmatched by other direct drive manufacturers. Tecnotion not only ensures that our customers’ needs are met today – we also work to fulfil the needs of tomorrow’s manufacturing and production requirements by investing R&D in new motor technology and in new process technologies. We consistently push technological boundaries, enabling our customers to maintain a competitive edge by providing the optimal solution for their equipment, both in performance and in total cost of ownership.

We strive to continuously improve our growing organization by remaining focused on our customers’ needs. Extensive knowledge and a high degree of specialization allow us to deliver unsurpassed service and quality.

Address Ryżowa 49 02-495 Warszawa View map
Phone +48 22 307 25 57
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Tecnotion Sp. z o.o.

Ryżowa 49, Warsaw, Poland

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