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Vallenduuk Plutyński Kancelaria Prawna

Vallenduuk Lawyers is the specialist in the field of international road transport.

Since 1996 we act on behalf of more than 500 clients established in the Netherlands and abroad, in all cases related to road transport. All of our lawyers posses the knowledge to reach the core of the case quick and we assure you that we will provide customer-fit advice. We offer our clients  quick responses, clear package deals and aid at the highest level.  With establishments in the Netherlands (and in the near future Poland) and cooperation  with lawfirms throughout Europe including Belgium, Germany and France, you are ensured of assistance in Europe. Because of our years of experience Vallenduuk Lawyers have created a profound professional relationship with authorities such as the road inspectors (ILT) social inspectors (ISZW) NIWO, and the National Police (KLPD). This ensures that we will assist you efficiently and adequately and can reach solutions quickly.

Are you being stopped and checked by road, inspectors, social inspectors or the national police, then contact us immediately. We will contact the inspector involved and get you on the road as soon as possible.

Have you been fined and you don’t agree? Vallenduuk lawyers will assist you in the objection and possible court case. Prior to the case, we will provide with a assessment of the case and the chances, free of charge.

Address Sint Jorisveld 10 2023 GE Haarlem View map
Phone +31 023-5345170

Vallenduuk Plutyński Kancelaria Prawna

Sint Jorisveld 10, 2023 GE Haarlem

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