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WCC Smart Search & Match

WCC Smart Search & Match is the world’s leading supplier of search and match software solutions and services. Founded in 1996, WCC focuses on two solution areas: Identity matching and Employment matching. Its ELISE software platform excels in these areas because it searches and matches data in a unique way that yields more meaningful results than any other software. ELISE is designed to search through vast amounts of data from various sources and return relevant results in under a second. It will search and match data in almost any form, using advanced algorithms, contextual knowledge, and other proprietary expertise. The data can be exact or inexact, structured or unstructured, and combine multiple modalities, both biographic and biometric.


WCC’s long-term experience in developing and supporting employment and identity matching solutions makes it an expert in these fields. WCC understands the business of its customers and knows how to optimize the effectiveness of searching and matching.


WCC’s customers are government organizations and large enterprises worldwide. In Identity matching, WCC supplies solutions for border management, justice & public safety, and civil identity. In Employment matching, WCC supplies solutions to public employment services, staffing companies and large enterprises (corporate HR).

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WCC Smart Search & Match

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