news Published on April 16, 2021

NPCC Summary: Online meeting with Marcin Jamroży, Ministry of Finance | 13.04

As the NPCC, we organize not only networking meetings for our members, but also meetings with very important figures from the Netherlands and Poland.

On April 13, we had a unique opportunity to participate in a meeting with Mr. Marcin Jamroży from the Transfer Pricing and Valuation Department, Ministry of Finance. The attention was drawn to the need for greater transparency of the ministry's activities in relation to transactions made in “tax havens”. All participants discussed the issues that should be included in the project of tax clarifications on transfer pricing. The Ministry representative mentioned that all requests and ideas, regarding the transfer pricing regulations, can be shared on the specially created platform: Transfer Pricing Forum. The forum has been made in order to enable cooperation and exchange of views between the tax administration and taxpayers in the field of transfer pricing. Later in the meeting, the discussion focused on the difficulties in collecting data from countries seen as tax heavens. Members of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) and G20 have committed to make the Country-by-Country reports (CBC) which will facilitate the process of collecting data. The other part of the meeting concerned the new regulations for tax offices. Participants of the meeting pointed out that the new project adds more tasks to the accounting offices, and shared their concerns regarding this issue.

The event was organized within the IGCC cooperation. We are looking forward to having more interesting meetings like this!