news Published on October 25, 2018

Why does ORTEC exist? Jarosław Matyjaszek: Managing Director Central Europe

The source of this article is Link Bulletin Magazine No.62:

The story of ORTEC begins in 1981 with a few Dutch students who wanted to show the world the value of mathematics. Today, we are a world-leading supplier of optimization solutions. We live and breathe mathematics and use our passion to optimize organizations. Our purpose is to provide easy-to-use solutions that make our customers’ businesses more efficient, predictable and sustainable, by reducing costs, increasing transparency and simplifying their operational processes.

What does mathematical optimization technology mean to you and why is it important for Polish businesses?

I see mathematical optimization technology as a way to solve complex business challenges and automate logistic and operational processes, so that our customers can stay ahead of their competitors.

The use of mathematical optimization technology enables people to take the best possible decisions in any situation and communicate them to others in real time. More and more companies from the Polish transportation, distribution and logistics industry are interested in the newest technologies and innovations to optimize and improve their business and operational processes. These are companies who want to secure long-term sustainable growth by implementing advanced planning and optimization solutions, mobile applications and Big Data or Cloud-based platforms.

Which technological and/or economic trends do you think will have an impact on the Polish market in 2018?

Automation and Big Data management are trending on the Polish market, and could be a powerful enabler of innovation and change, but to make a real impact, technology must be flexible and employees must embrace change.

Keep the focus on solutions that are agile, strong and scalable, using integrated forecasting, optimization and analytics, in combination with machine learning and other data science methods. At the same time, the Polish market needs to overcome the instability in workforce management and the high labor costs. Employee satisfaction is more important than ever before, working either with your own employees or through recruitment agencies. Companies need to keep their work environment challenging, engaging and fair.

What are the biggest challenges and benefits for your clients?

Our customers want to grow their business, reaching and developing new markets, while having full control and visibility over their operational processes. Their main challenge is to reduce supply chain operational costs, while maintaining or exceeding service level.

We help them to optimize their resources, decisions and results by calculating the best option out of all feasible options. As a result, their organization becomes more efficient, predictable, effective and sustainable. They can focus on delivering the promise made to their clients, while dealing with unpredictability and easily adapting to realtime changes.
Who are your main customers in the region?

We have been working with many large players in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Baltic states, such as: DHL Supply Chain, Axell Logistics, Kuehne & Nagel, FM Logistic, Greenyard Logistics and Frigo Logistics in the logistics field; TESCO, Carrefour and Maxima Group in the retail sector; Amerigas, Gaspol and Lotos in the oil & gas sector; and Cargill, ORBICO, Pharmalink, Berendsen, TEDI and British American Tobacco in the professional and other services field.\

What are your plans for this year?

We want to strengthen our position as a leading supplier of advanced mathematical technologies for the logistics industry in Poland and neighboring countries. The plan for 2018 is to expand our client and business partner portfolio in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

In conclusion

By providing solutions which meet the highest logistics management standards, we can confidently say that ORTEC’s customers can become key players on the European market. With every solution we implement, we improve our customers’ business processes and make the world a little better.