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The Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce joins forces with the “Bread of Life” Foundation

We are deeply saddened by the situation in Ukraine. The impact of Russia’s aggression has been devastating. While the situation continues to escalate, so does the need for help – from emergency relief on the ground, to support for those fleeing to neighboring countries. It is heartwarming to see how much support is being offered to Ukrainian People in need.

In cooperation with the “Bread of Life” Foundation, the Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce wants to support Ukrainian refugees in Poland by giving them the stability they need to find themselves in a new situation. “Bread of Life” not only has the expertise to provide this support but also the operational strength to do so properly.

The “Bread of Life” Foundation is a Poznan-based charity with a Dutch director. The foundation has a solid 20-year track record of taking care of people that are coping with alcoholism and poverty. By organising basic needs such as housing, food and clothing, as well as medical and psychological support and help in finding work, people are supported in becoming self-sufficient again.

We want to make our contribution to alleviate this troublesome situation by fundraising among Dutch companies in Poland and their relations. By providing the family with necessary housing, counselling and livelihood in the medium term perspective, you can really make a difference and give them the opportunity to restart life after a traumatic sufferings!

€ 1,000 can support a family of 4 in Poland for a month, an average of half a year costs € 6,000.


Committee of recommendation:

Coen Meijer, Chairman NPCC, Zeelandia Sp. z o.o.
Sjef Boekestijn, Boekestijn Transport
Gerrit Keen, ING Nederland


Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce
Mickiewicza Street 16/2
01-517 Warsaw, PolandKasper Vencken
+48 793 674 555 

Fundacja Bread of Life
Długa Goślina 1
62-095 Murowana Goślina, Poland

Reinier van den Berg
+48 602 300  031

Dedicated bank accounts of the “Bread of Life” Foundation


EUR: PL81 1090 1362 0000 0001 4987 9244

PLN: PL83 1090 1362 0000 0001 4986 4464


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NPCC Statement on the war in Ukraine.


With indignation and shock the NPCC has taken notice of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian armed forces. In strong terms, the NPCC rejects any type of aggression imposed upon an independent sovereign state.

The NPCC is a firm believer in prospering international trade in a free and fair world. States choose their own destiny. Goods, capital and talent flow freely without restrictions. The international trade which we seek, adheres to proper ethical standards and respects the basics of humanity. War does not fit in any of the above. This war is an incursion of law and order and has serious damaging effects on international trade.

The NPCC wants to state that there is no dispute with the Russian people. Large parts of the Russian and Belarussian society disagree with the actions chosen. We look forward to the day that the free world can reconnect with the history, culture and values of this important people in Europe.

The NPCC supports trade sanctions as a token of international protest against the violence displayed in Ukraine. Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine in these trying times.


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Members who are willing to help can reach out to us so we can connect them to organised support. Please contact directly our board member Lukasz Chodkowski via to inform him what you have to offer.