The NPCC in a nutshell

We are a non-profit organisation. The number one goal of the Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce is to help businesses of all sizes – Dutch companies present in Poland and Polish companies active in the Netherlands – to grow and prosper. We offer exposure to our business community, a strong networking base, opportunities for professional development and advocacy for your company when it is needed.

We have a passion to connect people


One of the main projects run by the Chamber is our knowledge groups, where members can exchange best practices, gather information and ultimately share this knowledge with members outside the group. We plan to have eight groups up and running by the end of 2022. We are currently setting up knowledge circles in the areas of agriculture, transport, healthcare, IT and HR.


The NPCC organises individual matchmaking meetings for companies that want to start doing business in/with Poland. This is a programme for companies that are new on the Polish market.

We also organise study trips for individual companies and groups that want to explore export opportunities in Poland.

Our ‘Sales Rep for a Day’ programme is aimed at companies that know the Polish market but for whom hiring staff is currently one step too far. They can hire the services of a sales rep for a certain period, based on tasks and fees agreed in advance.

We value cooperation

We are a partner of the NLinBusiness hub network in the Netherlands. This network connects us to local business communities in the Netherlands and also Dutch chambers of commerce all over the world. Through NLinBusiness, we are able to participate in discussions with the Dutch government on national export strategies.

We are also a co-founder of the IGCC (International Group of Chambers of Commerce) in Poland, which is comprised of 13 bilateral chambers.

Partnerships with members

The NPCC cherishes our collaboration and partnerships with members.

Our participation at BALTEXPO 2023 underscored our collaboration with member company Damen in the offshore energy sector.

The accompanying video provides insight into the synergy that characterizes our partnership, reflecting our dedication to fostering meaningful connections within the business community.

While offshore energy is a focus, it represents just one facet of our commitment. The NPCC aims to establish a comprehensive network that empowers members across various sectors, uniting businesses for collective success.