Sales Rep for a Day

Whether you're a company eager to explore the Polish market, seeking local expertise, or in need of short-term solutions, this service is well-equipped to meet your needs. The NPCC offers the services of a staff member for an agreed number of hours per week. The employee assigned to this role will be supervised by the MD of the chamber but will perform tasks agreed in advance with the client.

Program Overview

• Market Research:

Benefit from our expertise in conducting thorough market research, providing valuable insights to guide your business decisions.

• Contacting Potential Partners:

Reach out to potential business partners in the Polish market, establishing connections on your behalf.

Introduction to the Polish Market:

Ideal for companies wanting to understand the dynamics of the Polish market or requiring local insights. Access services from an organization with a local presence and expertise.

• Service Delivery:

Representing your company in Poland, for instance by preparing and participating in trade missions.

• Pricing:

Payment is based on a €250,- per day flat fee, ensuring transparency and cost-effectiveness.

For detailed discussions on customizing the program for your business needs, please contact us at

Program Overview