When managing an investment fund, a bank, a WSE-listed company, a large business or an SME – you need to trust that your financial and accounting consultants give you first-rate advice and deliverables.

It’s us – Ground Frost.

We offer You our expertise and services in:

Company Valuations Whether you wish to sell or buy a business, you must be sure that the company you represent will not lose on the deal. As a fund representative, you need regular quarterly impairment tests. We’re there for You.

Validations When you are responsible for an investment portfolio, you should also pay heed to regulatory matters. Regulatory requirements are an important part of the business. We are happy to provide assistance.

Transaction consultancy When running a business, you do not sell or buy businesses on a daily basis. More often that not, you also do not have too much time to probe the market and look out for investment opportunities. Let us do it.

Accounting and payroll management for discerning clients Imagine a world in which you don’t need to think about processing invoices, mire in tedious tax interpretations and worry about another vacancy in Accounting or Payroll. We can do it for You.

Vendor and buyer due diligence, forensic audits and fraud prevention, division of assets, consolidations, search for acquisition goals and advice on the application of IFRSs Use our expertise. It’s worth it.


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