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Reis naar Polen

Discover Poland like nowhere, if you are traveling from abroad or coming from here. In our wooden mountain house, modern with an authentic Polish touch, life is easy-going and down to earth. In winter, it’s comfortable as a mountain cabin, in summer a wonderful get away in nature. The holiday home is sustainably built with local materials.

Outdoor activities start at your doorstep. But no need to rush, first let’s enjoy the breakfast we have prepared for you! Breakfast, lunch or dinner, all is homemade with local ingredients. Speaking of locals, we are from Holland, but we live here and have been coming to this region for 30 years. We know the region and have a good network with locals. Of course we speak different languages. If so desired, we act as your local guide. We make sure your stay is comfortable.

The region of Spisz is still undiscovered and has its own traditions. Close to Podhale, but located in a quiet valley. Kayaking, cycling, hiking, mountain biking, or skiing; the days are quickly filled. However, staying in or working remotely is no punishment either. Enjoy the large garden and terraces, all with beautiful mountain views.