The Wiendels Group is an independent branch of a Dutch company operating in the field of temporary employment. It is a family capital group that has been dealing with employee outsourcing for over thirty years. TWG has been operating successfully in Poland and advising partners since 2008.

We are one of the largest suppliers of solutions on the labor market in Central and Western Europe. We specialize in hiring employees, recruiting, selecting, delegating personnel and legalizing employment. Our consultants combine knowledge of national and international trends and development directions on the labor market with knowledge of the local market. This way we know what is happening locally in the market and we will always find the right candidate for you in your area.

We have already recruited over 15,000 employees and serve over 100 satisfied customers. The industries in which we operate successfully, both on the employee’s and employer’s side, are the manufacturing, logistics, construction and automotive industries. Our branch is small, but the people working here prove every day that the size of the building is not important, but what our people can offer to clients – the highest level of service and a friendly, creative atmosphere enabling the implementation of clients’ business plans.


TWG, Śląska 11, Środa Śląska


+48 71 714 23 00


HR and Recruitment Services