Allego is a leading European operator of charging solutions for electric vehicles with significant expertise in e-mobility, including the creation of a network of multi-standard quick charging stations from 50kW up to 350kW. The company collaborates with partners from various industries in the planning, construction and operation of charging stations. It operates over 13.000 charging points in urban areas and along the main European transport routes, supporting companies and drivers of electric vehicles via a cloud-based service platform. This platform contains the entire portfolio of practical services, such as billing, active monitoring, mobile apps, website portals and analytics. With the charging solutions of Allego companies can also offer their customers, employees and visitors worldwide e-charging facilities under their own brand.

The company currently is setting up a pan-European high-power charging (HPC) network called MEGA-E which is co-financed by the European Union. Allego will erect 322 High-Power charger locations including 39 so-called e-charging hubs. This interoperable charging network shall connect metropolitan areas alongside highways and to enable continuous rapid charging in more than 20 countries throughout Europe. Each of the 322 charging location will provide four HPC charging points. Four electric vehicles could simultaneously charge with up to 350 kW.


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