Duynie Feed specialises in co-products, 100% natural, highly palatable and consistently of high quality. We are proud to deliver sustainable feed solutions to livestock (ruminants and monogastrics) across Europe. Duynie Feed contributes to both a sustainable and increased financial result for your business, combined with a positive contribution to circular agriculture. When crops such as cereals, vegetables and fruit are processed, some of the plant is used for food products for direct human consumption while other parts are used for nutritious animal feed. Duynie Feed, part of Duynie Group, the largest company in Europe dedicated to managing and unlocking the value of co-products, with over 50 years’ experience and an unrivalled reputation for quality and excellence. Duynie Feed provides a complete solution for all materials left over from food manufacturing processes. We take full responsibility for removing co-products on time, every time, removing the risk of unplanned stoppages and ensuring full business continuity.


Duynie sp. z o.o., Jeździecka 19/301, Wrocław


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