Monika Lukasiewicz, MD, PhD

A specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, sexual medicine, endocrinology and reproductive medicine, Monika is also a Fellow of the European Committee on Sexual Medicine (FECSM). She works at the Dębski Clinic and the Novum Fertility Clinic in Warsaw, Poland, where she deals with infertility treatment, aging medicine, menopause management, assisted reproduction, and the reproductive and sexual health of women and men. She is a public speaker, and has worked in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. She does everything with passion and high performance motivation. She enjoys the ballet, horse riding and travelling all over the world… though always with very little luggage.

Address Gwiaździsta 15A 01-656 Warszawa View map

Monika Lukasiewicz, MD, PhD

Gwiaździsta 15A, Warsaw, Poland

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