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Reesink Logistic Solutions: Next Level Warehousing

Step into the future with Reesink Logistic Solutions (RLS), a beacon of innovation in the realm of automated warehouse logistics. With a storied legacy of over 50 years, RLS is not just a service provider but a cornerstone of the industry, transforming the way businesses think about and manage their warehousing operations.

Originating from the prestigious Royal Reesink group, RLS leverages an expansive network of over 36 global subsidiaries, employing a legion of 2,500 professionals worldwide. Our roots are firmly planted in Dutch soil, yet our reach is undeniably global, ensuring we’re not just present but dominant wherever logistics systems are evolving.

What sets RLS apart is our unwavering commitment to pioneering advancements. We are the masterminds behind more than 150 AutoStore systems, claiming a significant market share in the DACH and Benelux regions. Our revolutionary approach doesn’t just incorporate cutting-edge technology; it customizes it. With our proprietary LogiCS software, we ensure that integration with your existing ERP/WMS systems is not just seamless but also intuitively tailored to meet your unique operational needs.

But our innovation journey doesn’t end there. We’re constantly exploring uncharted territories with our state-of-the-art pick robots, setting new industry standards. Our 24/7 service and maintenance support underline our belief that reliability should be uncompromised, ensuring that your warehouse operations are not just optimized but also uninterrupted.

Our expertise extends beyond mere solutions; we’re your strategic partners in navigating the e-commerce acceleration, the “industry 4.0” trends, and the growing need for automated storage and material handling. Our projects are a testament to our adaptability and foresight, catering to diverse sectors with ever-evolving needs.

With RLS, you’re aligning with a visionary, one that doesn’t just anticipate the trends but defines them. We’re not here to offer temporary fixes but to build long-lasting, resilient, and future-proof logistic infrastructures. Our partnership is the start of a journey towards efficiency, innovation, and unparalleled success in your warehousing endeavors.

Embrace a collaboration that transcends traditional logistics. With RLS, you’re not just staying ahead of the curve; you’re redefining it. Together, let’s build the future of logistics.

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Reesink Logistic Solutions

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