van Kessel Holding B.V.

Van Kessel Holding is a real estate company founded in 1992, in the Netherlands.

We develop, buy and rent out properties in many forms. Our portfolio in the Netherlands contains already developed and newly built business offices and units, sized anywhere from 150 to 1500 m2. These newly built business units are developed and built by us in partnership with van Kessel Bouw company. We started to build them in the ‘90 and for more than 30 years this business
model has proven to be a solid investment. The units, when ready, are sold to investors or rented out by us.

The usage of the units varies from 150 to approximately 500 m2, including warehouse and office spaces. These are mostly used by startups and scale ups. Having at their disposal a single-structured building, separated into various units with adaptable size and designation division, together with shared parking and transport delivery/pick-up spaces is an excellent way to keep the rental costs low and provides maximum flexibility.

Currently we are at the pre-scan phase in Poznań to see whether, or rather on what scale, these types of units are an opportunity for the local business scene. As it has proven, however, to be a desirable solution on the Dutch market, we foresee it being just as important for the startups and scale-ups to be housed flexibly in the city of Poznań.

For Poland we are presently developing a new website, therefore for the time-being you can take a look at one of our properties from The Netherlands, the Rotterdam’s ‘GreenStand’ at:

Address Rijnstraat 76 4191 CM Geldermalsen View map

van Kessel Holding B.V.

Rijnstraat 76, 4191 CM Geldermalsen, Netherlands

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